Cats Eyes WebCam Alarm Trigger FREE

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The Cats Eyes WebCam Alarms Trigger tool is a FREE multi-camera motion detection tool based on the framework.

The tool specifications are :
- Multiple camera handling
- Full video zone or multiple specific zones on video for motion analyze
- Each motion zone can be set on % area & minimum object size to count as real detection
- When an alarm is triggered, the tool can take snapshots and/or video. It can then send them by Email or upload them on a FTP. The tool can also trigger an external program (.EXE).
- 3 methods to activate or inactivate the alarm system are available :
   * By hand (selecting ON / OFF into a combo box)
   * By glyph recognition (show a camera a defined 8x8 matrix grid)
   * By web (a .txt file on a webserver that store specific command data)
- Information Email in case a camera video signal is lost
- Information Email in a defined period for health check
- Glyphs definition into a user friendly interface
- Log file to track each event

NEW VERSION Since Feb-2012
- Video/Pictures records starts as soon a motion is detected ! (files are deleted if the alarm is not triggered)
- User can set more time to record after the alarm is triggered.
- Multiple video format supported (FLV,MP4,WMV)
- Each camera window can be resized

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